Journalism for Liberty Fellowship

We are looking for mid-career journalists and writers with an interest in the ideas of individual freedom, free market and limited government for the second cohort of our Journalism for Liberty Fellowship.

Liberalist Centre is a libertarian think tank and educational centre that promotes pro-freedom ideas for human flourishing. Our fellows become regular contributors to our news magazine by publishing investigative stories, in-depth features, and engaging op-ed articles that inform and reveal to our audience ways through which individual liberty and free market are impeded.

Our type of story exposes the effects of frivolous taxes on businesses and consumers, the influence of government bureaucracy, and unnecessary permits and levies on start-ups. Specifically, we advocate for open borders, continental and inter-continental free trades, low taxes enough for the government to secure the lives, properties and liberty of the citizens and ensure a judiciary that settles disputes and upholds the rule of law.

Our stories also reveal how new laws or proposed new laws would affect the citizens and how a tax cut create an opportunity for businesses and citizens to thrive.

See the kind of stories as published on our magazine.

The fellowship would train successful applicants on the art of pro-freedom writing and reporting, give editorial mentorship to publish quality journalistic pieces, opportunity to request for support to produce stories and give three outstanding fellows paid internship opportunities at the end of the fellowship.


Journalism for Liberty Fellowship is open to mid-career journalists and writers—undergraduates or recent graduates.


1st April, 2023.

How to apply

We invite interested applicants to submit writing sample(s), a pro-freedom story idea and a 150-word essay detailing the applicants’ journalism and writing experience using our online application form below.