Human Freedom Index

Human freedom is an inherently valuable social concept that recognizes the dignity of individuals. Human freedom enables and empowers people to do as they please, free from constraints or punishments, so long as it does not impinge upon the freedom of another. Human freedom plays a huge role in human progress. (Source: World Population Review)

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Journalism for Liberty

Journalists have the responsibility of keeping the people informed and holding the government accountable. And because of its objective nature, people tend to believe everything they see in the media. Unfortunately, sometimes, the media promote the ideas against the principle of liberty. This project aims at educating and building a community of journalists who report to promote the ideas of liberty, peace, free market and limited government.

Objectivism Caravan

Objectivism Caravan targets to address the stereotypical ideology of collectivism above individualism. We intend to change the climate of ideas by educating the people about the philosophy of Objectivism. The project will engage youths, undergraduate students and recent graduates, through physical events, book reading and writing competitions.

Liberty Bookstore

The influence of books on the readers cannot be overestimated. Experts say we become what we read; every reader can testify to this. For this reason, we aim to establish a bookstore, starting online, where libertarian books published anywhere in the world be made available for our audience in Africa. This project aims at spreading the philosophy of liberty by cultivating a culture of reading libertarian books among the readers.

Voice of Reasoning (Podcast)

This is an online space to produce biweekly editions of podcasts by interviewing experts and giving libertarian perspectives to pressing issues. With guidance from an anchor, the guest would proffer convincing arguments and arouse our audience’s reasoning faculty.

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